Annual MU Online Horse Auction & Fundraiser 

MU Online Horse Auction & Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to become a bidder?

Go to "Register" near the top of the page header. Once your information is entered, it will go to our sale administrator for processing. This can take up to 24 hours, although is often much less. Make sure to read the sale Terms and Conditions completely before registering as a bidder. Once you are approved as a bidder you will receive an e-mail confirmation. 

How do I place a bid?

After you are registered as a bidder, you can go to "Login" near the top of the page header. Use your username and password to sign in.


Next, click "Make Bid" button on the screen for the horse you wish to bid on. All bids are in US Dollars and are non-revocable. All bidding will be performed on the Internet by registered and approved bidders. There are two main strategies for bidding.


1. Place individual bids that are $100.00 higher than the previous bid. If you are outbid, you may log in and make a new bid each time.
2. Place a confidential maximum bid ("Proxy Bid"), where you declare the maximum dollar amount you wish to bid at this time. If you are outbid, the auction will automatically execute a bid by increments of $100 above the competitive bid. Maximum bids are strictly confidential and are not known by other bidders or the University of Missouri. If you maximum bid is passed, you may log in and place additional bids as time allows. 

You should monitor your bid activity by checking the website often for updated bids, especially during the final days of the auction.

Why do people use maximum bids?

It is recommended to place a confidential maximum bid to ensure that you as the bidder do not get outbid simply due to not being around your computer or not having time to log in and place a new bid before the auction closes. 


With this system, you do not have to watch the auction continuously to make sure you are not outbid. However, you should still monitor bidding periodically. If your maximum bid is outbid before the auction closes, you may place additional bids as desired and as time allows.

What is a bid extension?

Bidding is set to close at 7:00pm CST on November 14th, 2019. However, if a bid is placed during the last five minutes of the auction the time for that particular horse will be extended by an additional five minutes. Only after a 5-minute period passes with no additional bidding will the bidding close. This allows for bidders to have more time to think and react than with a live auction.  

I'm having problems with bidder registration or placing a bid.  What do I do?

E-mail or call (573) 884-7836.  We do not have 24 hour assistance available, but will return your message as soon as possible.

Can I see the horses in person and/or have a veterinarian examine the horse?

Prospective bidders are urged to inspect the horses before offering a bid. Veterinary examinations are welcome, but are to be conducted prior to close of the auction at the bidder's expense and by appointment only.

Horses are available at our Horse Sale Preview on November 9th, 2019 between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm to allow potential buyers an opportunity to personally inspect our sale horses. This preview event is a huge part of providing real-world business experience to our students, and is held at the University of Missouri Equine Teaching Facility, located at 4400 E. New Haven Road, Columbia, MO.

Potential buyers may also set-up other times by appointment to view horses.

Bidders not able to attend the sale preview may request copies of sale portfolios via e-mail. 

What kind of veterinary and routine care have the horse's received?


All horses are up to date on all routine care. Individual health records are provided in each horse’s sale portfolio. This includes documentation of all vaccinations, deworming, Coggins testing, farrier care, dental care, mild cuts and abrasions, lameness, etc. A veterinary statement will be included for any horses with illnesses or injuries requiring veterinary treatment.

What kind of training have the horse's received?

Horses raised at MU have been worked with since birth by students with varying levels of experience. Due to their extensive handling, they are accustomed to having their hooves, nose, eyes, ears, and mouth routinely handled. They also stand quietly for haltering, grooming, tying, deworming, and vaccinations.

All our sale horses are desensitized to novel objects such as clippers and tack.  They are trained to calmly maneuver various obstacles including ground poles, cross rails, a raised wooden platform, and a pool noodle curtain. By sale time, we expect weanlings to trot in hand as well as carry a pony saddle. Our yearlings and two-years old will additionally flex to the bit and lunge at the walk and trot while tacked.

Can you tell me more about the Horse Sale Preview Event?

The Horse Sale Preview event will be held on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to allow potential buyers an opportunity to personally inspect our sale horses. This event is held at the University of Missouri Equine Teaching Facility, located at 4400 E. New Haven Road, Columbia, MO.

In addition to seeing the horses, you can enjoy food from our sponsors and participate in our silent auction.

The student trainers will be working with the horses throughout the day and our marketing students will be available to visit with prospective buyers. Sale portfolios on each horse will also be available. This event is a huge part of providing real-world business experience to our students. Even if you are not in the horse market this year, consider stopping by to visit our program and encourage our students on all their hard work!


What happens if a horse does not receive a bid?

In the event that a horse doesn’t sell in the auction, we advertise them privately for an amount greater than their reserve or sell them in the next year’s auction. We find we have great luck placing them in new homes this way, as some buyers prefer to purchase them privately instead of through the auction.


How do we choose which horses we offer for sale each year?

Each year we sell the majority of the weanlings born at our facility. However, we try to keep back two each year to sell as yearlings to give our students opportunities to work with various age groups. Eventually, all horses raised in our program are sold.

In selecting which two weanlings to keep for an extra year, we try to split up similar horses among different years.  For example, if we have two weanlings that are similar in color and markings as well as pedigree we will split them up and try to sell them in different years. Additionally, if we happened to have a foal born later in the spring they are often kept back so they have more time to mature and grow.


What is your sale average?

Our five-year historical sale average ranges from $1,500 to $2,700 per horse. In the past five years, the price on our highest selling horse has ranged from $2,700 to $3,400 with an average high price of $3,160. 


I live outside of Missouri.  Can I still purchase a horse?

Historically, about half of our horses are sold outside of the state of Missouri, with 25 other states and 2 Canadian provinces represented by our bidders. Buyers are responsible for transportation, but we can assist you with gathering the proper transportation paperwork and, if desired, put you in touch with several commercial haulers.

How do I know if I purchased a horse?

The purchasers of each horse will be notified by e-mail within one hour of the auction closing. Additionally, on November 9th, the purchaser will be reached by telephone to set up an appointment time to pick up their new horse.

If I purchase a horse when do I come get it?

All horses must be removed from the University of Missouri by 12:00 pm (noon) November 20th, 2019, with pick-up times set up in advance by appointment. Full payment must be paid prior to the removal of the horse(s). Arrangements can be made to board the horse after this deadline if necessary.


If I purchase a horse, what should I bring to pick up the horse?

Payment must be completed before horses are picked up. When you arrive for pick up, you will need to provide a halter and any desired shipping supplies/equipment. 


How do I pay for my purchase?

Payment by certified or cashier's check is due at the time of pick-up or by November 20th, 2019 (whichever occurs first).  Payment should be made out to The Curators of the University of Missouri.  

When will I receive registration papers on my new purchase?

Registration papers and signed transfers will be mailed directly to the successful bidder after all checks have cleared (up to 21 business days). The successful bidder is responsible for any transfer fees.


What will I receive on the day I pick up my horse?

All horses will be sold with a current negative Coggins test. Any horse transporting across state lines will also be sold with an Interstate Health Certificate for transportation. Cost of Coggins test and Interstate Health Certificate will be paid by the University of Missouri. [Cost of international paperwork for import of horses, if required, is the responsibility of the successful bidder.] 

All horses will be sold with a paper copy of their sale portfolio. These portfolios (available the last week of the auction) include a letter from the Equine Program Coordinator describing the horse, additional photographs, extended pedigree information, training journals, current housing and diet, and complete health records. This sale portfolio is provided to the successful bidder so they will have it for reference on their new horse.

All horses leave with a 50lb bag of the grain they are currently being fed. This is generously donated by Cargill Nutrena in support of our auction and teaching program.




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